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[tlug] filesystem namespaces

simon colston wrote: 
> I came across this article yesterday:
> which indicates Linus Torvald's appreciation of Bell Labs discernment too.

Thanks for the link.  When asked to "elaborate more about Plan 9's 
influences", the article quotes Linus as saying:

"The kernel also internally supports the notion of filesystem 
'namespaces,' which is another Plan 9-like feature. You can think of 
it as the ability to do per-process mount maps, where different 
processes actually can see a different organization of the filesystem. 
It's not actually used all that much, since it's not a feature that 
people are used to, but it does reflect the common belief among Linux 
developers that the Plan 9 people had 'good taste.'"

What is "filesystem namespaces" that Linus talks about?


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