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Re: [tlug] im-ja: A Japanese input module for GTK2

David Oftedal wrote:

> Hmm, I had a few problems with it, though.

me too :)

> First of all, when I started hitting the good old space bar to convert
> the kana to kanzi, the IME kept sending out linebreaks, so I was
> constantly sending out blank lines to my IRC server. And I couldn't
> disable it, because I din't know what key to hit.

Yeah, I forgot to say, though it's stated in the README:
im-ja is (0.1 means something right?) alpha software, if it embarrasses you
in front of your friends, don't blame me. Send me the patch ;)

> And there's bound to be some keys for increasing/decreasing the number
> of kana to convert at once, moving from left to right etc. What are they?

shift-[left|right]arrow. I figured these are the most commonly used ones
insted of ctrl-f and such.
Also I have plans for a gtk gui interface that can be used to configure the
thing properly, saving settings in an rc file such as key bindings , server
port,  status widget location, etc. Any takers ?  ;)

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