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Re: [tlug] LoweringResolution(StandardCRT)

On Friday 07 February 2003 11:21, Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon wrote:
> What do I need to type in (via command line) to lower the resolution
> setting? With RedHat before, I just did a new install and left everything
> on automatic, but this time, the automatic settings are causing the
> problem.  I could start from zero again and try lowering the screen
> resolution manually in the first setup procedures, but I'm hoping to start
> actually fixing things instead of dumping the entire install over one bad
> setting....  Is it really involved?  If it's in the manual(s), then which
> one?  (One main reason I bought the boxed version of SuSE was for the
> manuals, which I will be reading soon, but in the meantime...)

type sax2 on the command prompt.  This will bring up the suse X configurator 
(incl. mouse).  This info is also in the handbook ;-)

Be careful to test the settings until they are alright.  But this kind of 
laptop video problem can really be a bummer (I gave up on some old compaqs)!

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