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Re: [tlug] Suse 8.1 In-Hand

Ok, I add two more comments to this debate:

1. XFS supports ACLs and extended information natively, so no patching around 
with bestbits acl and ext? filesystems.  Therefore ideally - with samba - you 
have a drop in replacement for an NT file server without anybody noticing.

2. XFSDUMP utility for reliable, fast backup of ACLs etc.  This stuff comes 
from SGI irix and has a proven track record.  I just hope I figure out one 
day how to copy winbind uid/gid mappings one day to really use this tool 

3. XFS is in the SUSE kernel so no special patch is needed anymore. (before 
that it was a pain and deterred me as well).  Also gentoo uses it.

I think there are many other great features like filesystem snapshots, journal 
on seperate devices, ... I suppose you can use XFS parameters when creating 
partitions to optimise for the expected file size, so it may come close to 
Reiser/ext3.  I have to admit though that I never used any of these so far...

On Friday 07 February 2003 12:21, you wrote:
> Sorry about your shoes, there... I hate when distros do that. I do not
> know
> why more of the big distros do not partition out /usr, /var, /tmp, and
> /home. And maybe /opt, but I consider software that defaults to
> installing
> itself in /opt a pain in my arse.

Well if you consider a clueless first time user, who sucks movies and stuff 
with mldonkey into /home/user, what does he do once he reaches the size limit 
of /home? You cannae expect him to resize the partition, plus there may be no 
space left.  This default config may not be ideal for performance, but at 
least he doesn't run into this kind of trouble.  Not everyone knows in 
advance how much space is needed for what, you only find out over time, and 
then it is really a pain in the arse to change your config.  And you can use 
the expert partitioning mode, or hack into the install routine if you have 
better ideas for your hd..

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