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Re: [tlug] Suse 8.1 In-Hand

Quoth Patrick Niessen (Fri 2003-02-07 10:56:05AM +0900):
> On Friday 07 February 2003 10:53, you wrote:
> >
> > ReiserFS is actually a great choice for a root partition, as it is great
> > for filesystems with many small files. Root partitions are known to
> > contain things like /etc, which on my relatively pristine system,
> > contains about 7000 files averaging about 350 bytes.
> but the Suse installer only suggests 
> /boot
> /swap
> /
> so everything will be under /, unless you make some additional partitions for 
> /home and /var


Sorry about your shoes, there... I hate when distros do that. I do not know
why more of the big distros do not partition out /usr, /var, /tmp, and
/home. And maybe /opt, but I consider software that defaults to installing
itself in /opt a pain in my arse.

Sorry, I am cranky from reading kernel source. I *wish* hardcore badass C

Sorry, I really do think that I am done now.

Josh Glover <>

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