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Re: [tlug] can't post to Mandrake expert.

Gavin ( wrote:

> que (my sent-mail box and outbox) all mail was sent out (outbox is empty) 

That's not your mail queue.  You would find mail in something like
/var/spool/mqueue (could be a different place on your system, but check
there first).  Your inbox and outbox are only where your
MTA keeps mail that is either going out or has been received.
Once it hands outgoing mail off to an SMTP server (either local
or remote) that SMTP server queues until it delivers it to the
next SMTP server.

> at the moment I'm guessing that my domain   Gavin1.localdomain (work box) and 

That's not a domain ( do exist, but they aren't registered 
to you), so it would be pretty hard to blacklist it.  Anyway, if your mail is
being refused, you could reasonably expect it to be returned to you.  Refused
mail should not just be dropped on the floor.  If connections from your
host are being refused entirely, then you would find that mail in your
local queue, stuck there.

Do you smarthost through your ISP's ougoing SMTP?  If not, you
might want to consider that, since there are more than a few 
places that block direct mail from known dialup, cable, and DSL pools
(with good reason, since it's mostly all spam).

> Gavin2.localdomain (Gateway box)  has been black listed..  Jack, how do I 
> check to see if I have been B.listed?? and if anyone is using postfix, how 

Listed where?

Try for starters.


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