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Re: [tlug] can't post to Mandrake expert.

what is smarthosting?

On Thursday 28 March 2002 18:42, Jonathan Byrne wrote:
> Gavin ( wrote:
> > que (my sent-mail box and outbox) all mail was sent out (outbox is empty)
> That's not your mail queue.  You would find mail in something like
> /var/spool/mqueue (could be a different place on your system, but check
> there first).  Your inbox and outbox are only where your
> MTA keeps mail that is either going out or has been received.
> Once it hands outgoing mail off to an SMTP server (either local
> or remote) that SMTP server queues until it delivers it to the
> next SMTP server.
> > at the moment I'm guessing that my domain   Gavin1.localdomain (work box)
> > and
> That's not a domain ( do exist, but they aren't
> registered to you), so it would be pretty hard to blacklist it.  Anyway, if
> your mail is being refused, you could reasonably expect it to be returned
> to you.  Refused mail should not just be dropped on the floor.  If
> connections from your host are being refused entirely, then you would find
> that mail in your local queue, stuck there.
> Do you smarthost through your ISP's ougoing SMTP?  If not, you
> might want to consider that, since there are more than a few
> places that block direct mail from known dialup, cable, and DSL pools
> (with good reason, since it's mostly all spam).
> > Gavin2.localdomain (Gateway box)  has been black listed..  Jack, how do I
> > check to see if I have been B.listed?? and if anyone is using postfix,
> > how
> Listed where?
> Try for starters.
> Jonathan

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