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Re: [tlug] Re: epcEditor

[Mike Fabian ([tlug] Re: epcEditor) writes:]
>> Jim Breen <> writes:
>> > (a) how is it for IME issues? I particularly ask this because it it
>> > clearly makes a lot of use of Tcl/Tk, which has a lot of problems
>> > with IME engagement (I should say it's not actually Tcl/Tk's problem,
>> > but more the problem of POSIX locales, which they have implemented to
>> > the letter.) If I have to switch to a totally Japanese locale to be able
>> > to run it with an IME, I won't pursue it.
>> LC_CTYPE=ja_JP is enough to enable Japanese input in Tcl/Tk.  

I responded  the way I did because I know Chuck wants to move around
between Japanese, Chinese & Korean in his docs. 

>> That's
>> no different from all other programs supporting XIM.  

Some other programs let you change *the* locale during execution, but
AFAIK Tcl/Tk does it once at launch time.

>> You don't need
>> to switch to a totally Japanese locale.  You can set all other LC_
>> variables, and LANG and LANGUAGE to something else.

OK, how do I do Japanese input in Tcl/Tk. Here is a little test program:

	tk useinputmethods 1
	set ntext " 日本語 (にほんご)"
	label .jpl -text $ntext
	button .jp -text $ntext
	entry .jpe -textvariable ntext
	entry .jpx -textvariable text
	pack .jpl .jp .jpe .jpx

I have cannaserver running, and kinput2 running with the "-xim" option.

I lunch a fresh kterm with the "-xim" option and with XMODIFIERS set to
"". I set LC_CTYPE to ja_JP.

I launch wish with that tcl script. A box with the four lines 
correctly displaying the Japanese appears.

How to I type Japanese into the text box? The usual Ctrl-space or
Ctrl-\ sequences do nothing. I can't even paste into it.


Jim Breen  []
Computer Science & Software Engineering,                Tel: +61 3 9905 3298
P.O Box 26, Monash University,                          Fax: +61 3 9905 5146
Clayton VIC 3800, Australia      ジム・ブリーン@モナシュ大学

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