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Re: [tlug] raw cd copy

Jack Morgan ( wrote:

> On Tue, Mar 26, 2002 at 09:21:20AM +0900, Dan Myers wrote:

> > How can I contribute to the Unix community?

> Here are some suggestions:

6) If there is something you found difficult to do/learn,
   after you have it well figured out, write a good set
   of clear instructions to help beginners who come after
   you.  Do this while it's still fresh in your mind and
   while you still feel like a beginner at whatever the task
   was.  If you wait too long, you'll lose the beginner's 
   perspective and it will become much harder to create the
   document so that it works for beginners.

   Then put it on the web and tell people about it.  Solicit
   peer review for both inaccuracies and ways it can be made
   clearer/simpler/better.  You might find yourself as the
   maintainer of a valuable piece of documentation.

Not everyone is a programmer, of course (I'm not either), so
you don't have to give back by contributing code if that's
not what you can do.  Good documentation is always needed,
and there are always people less experienced than yourself
who could use a little help.  What most of us get out of the
community - besides great free software - is community support
with problems.  When we have learned, giving that same support
to others is often the best way to contribute back.

And as Jack mentioned, contributing time or cash to your local
LUG is also good ;)


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