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Re: [tlug] raw cd copy

On Tue, Mar 26, 2002 at 09:21:20AM +0900, Dan Myers wrote:
> Chris~ and others.
> How can I contribute to the Unix community? Do I have to program in C or C++? I don't
> know those languages now. If its a scripting language like JavaScript, PHP etc or HTML
> its in my ballpark.

Here are some suggestions:

1) Write code for "XYZ" project[1], eg do programming in C, C++, etc

2) Donate money to "XYZ" project so that someone who is efficient at writing code can
or better yet convince you company to donate money :-)

3) Buy products that indirectly support "XYZ" project. For example, RH7.2 box set instead
of just downloading the .iso

4) Contribute you time:
	--help by testing, eg. try building beta versions & report bugs
	--be the mailing list admin
	--help build "XYZ" projects web page

5) Contribute to your local user group :-)

> Some people have talents in different areas.

Use what you have for those projects that your interested in.

Hope this helps,
[1] There are various projects at sourceforge or freshmeat to join.
jack_morgan						NetBSD is the BSD

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