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Re: [tlug] epcEditor

["Stephen J. Turnbull" (Re: [tlug] epcEditor) writes:]
>> >>>>> "Jim" == Jim Breen <> writes:
>>     Jim> (Reminds me of that short story called "The Religious War on
>>     Jim> **th Street" [I forget the street] which describes in a very
>>     Jim> humorous way the events when a Hare Krishna group, a
>>     Jim> Scientologist group and a "Jews for Jesus" rally all arrive
>>     Jim> at the same NY corner.)
>> Really?  There was a Heinlein noveloid with that exact scenario in it.

I thought it was Silverberg, but I wasn't sure, so I didn't suggest a
name. I don't think it was Heinlen - he never had much of a sense of


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