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Re: [tlug] !!!OT!!! raw cd copy

Your missing the point. We don't think it is unfriendly. If the developers
are happy with the product, and they do the development for free why do you
think they are going to spend time developing the features you want. The
beauty of open source is you can add the features you want, but the onus is
on you. The community does what they want, and considering they do it in 
their own time that is how it should be.

On Tue, Mar 26, 2002 at 09:35:29AM +0900, Dan Myers wrote:
> I propose that they make a more user friendly Linux and keep the Solaris and other
> Unix (non-user friendly) OS for business purposes. That way you can hit both
> markets (general consumers and businesses).
> Dan

"Take away them collisions and the common channel and it's like Christianity 
 without Christ." -Jim Breen (speaking about "full-duplex" Ethernet)

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