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Re: [tlug] cant update..hmm

On Tuesday 19 March 2002 00:11, Jack Morgan wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 17, 2002 at 11:45:41PM +0900, Gavin wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Question, I'm running Mandrake Linux 8.0 on a Fujitsu FM-V DESK POWER SE,
> > (120MHz pen. chip, 64k and 1.5 GB HD.) it boots and connects to the net
> > fine but everytime I try to update it hangs, could anyone shed some light
> > on why this might be happining??
> Does your updating script have a --verbose option? If yes, try looking
> there. Also, how long does it "hang"? Some "hang" is expected as the
> updating script compares your system with what needs to be updated.


where should I for this script? as for the hanging the last time it was over 
8 hrs. I figured it was due to the chip speed, but all night... no chip is 
that slow! I can't even see what software is on the system! the programs just 
stops right in the middle of the graphical loading!! I have to X-kill to 
clear the screen. holla back when your free.


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