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Re: [tlug] 2002 Archives...

On 05:09 PM 18/03/2002, Scott McLennan wrote....
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>I checked the colours on windows and it seems fine. Hmm..
>Wonder why it looks bad..? I'll try to change them. Design
>is not strongest forte unfortunately...
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The colors are beautiful ... but light text on a dark but flashy 
background is very hard to read. I could not get to the end of 
the text because it was hurting my eyes and it was difficult to 
focus on. No offense intended, just my observation. Generally 
speaking dark on light is the best way to go when it is the text 
which is more important than the design. Light on dark is good 
for flashy headlines and eye catching "moments" but not for long 

The good news is it is easy to change that.


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