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Re: [tlug] 2002 Archives...

> On Mon, Mar 18, 2002 at 09:45:28AM +0900, Scott McLennan wrote:
> This has been "broken" for a while as we figure out a solution to 
> archive mbox files (I believe...)

Is there anywhay to get hold of the zipped version for January,
February and March. I heard that there were some good jobs
going there... I went to the codej and was surprised to see that
it had been spammed with nonsense. Hmm...

> > Scott
> > (Bilingual SE Looking for development, configuration work)
> >
> No shameless self promotion :-)

Yes. Im after any kind of work now and am flexible with my rate.

> *I just wish I thought of it first*

Thanks. I took a month's holiday in Hawaii and before I knew
it I was bankrupt...Even the internet cafes were expensive.

I checked the colours on windows and it seems fine. Hmm..
Wonder why it looks bad..? I'll try to change them. Design
is not strongest forte unfortunately... 


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