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[tlug] Too Flashy home page...

Thanks a lot for the advice.
I changed it a bit.


> On 05:09 PM 18/03/2002, Scott McLennan wrote....
> --------------------START QUOTE---------------------
> >I checked the colours on windows and it seems fine. Hmm..
> >Wonder why it looks bad..? I'll try to change them. Design
> >is not strongest forte unfortunately...
> ---------------------------END QUOTE --------------------
> Scott,
> The colors are beautiful ... but light text on a dark but flashy 
> background is very hard to read. I could not get to the end of 
> the text because it was hurting my eyes and it was difficult to 
> focus on. No offense intended, just my observation. Generally 
> speaking dark on light is the best way to go when it is the text 
> which is more important than the design. Light on dark is good 
> for flashy headlines and eye catching "moments" but not for long 
> passages.
> The good news is it is easy to change that.
> Bob

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