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Re: [tlug] OT ["Microsoft Corporation Security Center" <>] Internet Security Update

On 12:03 2002/03/15 +0900, YAMAGATA Hiroo wrote
>It IS actually making wider rounds. Wasn't there an announcement? Our
>company's IT department is all nuts about it because anti-virus
>utilities haven't come up with a pattern file yet, and so they are
>sending out numerous internal mails about do this/don't do that/there's
>nothing we can do at the moment and that sort of crap.

We filtered it on our sendmail server, using procmail.  :)

Seriously, users will probably open it--it looks official, and the 
indicated link within the message takes them to an MS website with a 
security warning.  Most users (and this is not patronizing them, it's 
simply not something they've read up on) will see Microsoft, an actual 
website with a security warning, and not realize that MS isn't going to 
send a security patch to everyone.

If anyone needs to see what it looks like....

Scott Robbins

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