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[tlug] Re: Yet Another RH7.2 Question (Hopefully the last)

BOTi <> writes:

> Jim Breen wrote:


> Jim,
> I think your color problems are because you are not running X in true color
> mode.
> If you are using Xfree 4 then edit XF86Config-4 else edit XF86Config
> Under the screen section add "DefaultColorDepth 24" (or try 32) and
> and a subsection for the color depth like this
>     Subsection "Display"
>              Depth       32
>               Modes       "1024x768" "720x400" "800x600" "640x400"
>          ViewPort    0 0
>  EndSubSection

16 should be already enough. Jim's description sounds like
he is using 8 bit colour depth.

Mike Fabian   <>

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