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Re: [tlug] Yet Another RH7.2 Question (Hopefully the last)

I had that exact same screen colour with my S3 chip in the toshiba.
I think I did something like 'startx --bps(???) 16'

it was a loong time somebody else should be able to clarify that.


jim Breen wrote:

> Thanks for the assistance so far. There are really only two things still
> bugging me, and one of those - the sound card - is pretty
> hardware-specific.
> My last big problem is the screen colour. The out-of-the-box installation
> seemingly correctly identified my Toshiba's video chipset (Savage S3) and 
> the Toshiba screen. I had a working X immediately.
> HOWEVER, it became quickly apparent that I did not have the same colour 
> quality as before. When displaying jpgs via xv or Netscape, they were
> grainy and spotty. Netscape itself, and other software like Acroread
> kept complaining that it couldn't allocate the right colour map. When
> Acroread runs, the rest of the screen goes red and green. The default
> background blue screen is a blue/purple stipple.  Attempting to run an mpg 
> via xanim or anything else produced a mostly red and green mess.
> I have fiddled with the /etc/X11/XF86Config to no avail. I even replaced
> it with the one I used (successfully) with RH6.2, but there is no
> change.
> Any suggestions? Could there be something like the <whisper>Control
> Panel/Screen control in Windows</whisper> where you can try out colour
> settings?
> Jim

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