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[tlug] Yet Another RH7.2 Question (Hopefully the last)

Thanks for the assistance so far. There are really only two things still
bugging me, and one of those - the sound card - is pretty

My last big problem is the screen colour. The out-of-the-box installation
seemingly correctly identified my Toshiba's video chipset (Savage S3) and 
the Toshiba screen. I had a working X immediately.

HOWEVER, it became quickly apparent that I did not have the same colour 
quality as before. When displaying jpgs via xv or Netscape, they were
grainy and spotty. Netscape itself, and other software like Acroread
kept complaining that it couldn't allocate the right colour map. When
Acroread runs, the rest of the screen goes red and green. The default
background blue screen is a blue/purple stipple.  Attempting to run an mpg 
via xanim or anything else produced a mostly red and green mess.

I have fiddled with the /etc/X11/XF86Config to no avail. I even replaced
it with the one I used (successfully) with RH6.2, but there is no

Any suggestions? Could there be something like the <whisper>Control
Panel/Screen control in Windows</whisper> where you can try out colour


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