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Re: [tlug] ADSL in Tokyo (Possible re-post)

Well, most ISPs do not do their own ADSL, e-access or YahooBB or acca or
JDSL and OCN (and of course NTT) provides the ADSL connection for them.

They all dynamically assign IPs (although with extra yen, you can
probably get static ones). AFIK, none of them block ports or anything.

PPPoE does add overhead, so that when you tune your connection, you want
to set your MTU or something to slightly lower than PPPoA. I thought the
only place that uses PPPoE was NTT. However, the difference is
negligeble anyway. Hey, you'll probably get somthing like 3-4Mbps or
something, and the overhead might make that 2.9-3.9 or something, but
it's really nothing to worry over.

Several ISPs do provide furikomi payments: 
so-net has furikomi payment, but they charge 200-300yen extra/month for
that. also has furikomi, with 200y/month extra. provides furikomi for 6 months/12 months service. I don't know
if they charge extra.

Yamagata <>

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