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[tlug] ADSL in Tokyo (Possible re-post)

(I sent this a while ago, but just realized that I did it from the wrong account - apologies if you get it twice. -Jim)

Just a few questions about the different ADSL ISPs in town - 
I've signed up for NTT's 8MB ADSL and was thinking about just changing over my Flets ISDN account, but first thought I'd ask around a bit:
Are there any ISP's that are more Linux-friendly? Configuration is not really an issue, I was wondering about things like blocked ports.
I've been running a small web server and would like to continue to do so. (on port 80!)
I'd like to be able to run a low-volume mail server - (I know this is not very likely, but it would be nice.) 
I've heard PPPoE adds overhead - is that true?  It seems kind of brain-dead way to connect.
Static IPs would be nice, but I've been using dyndns, so I don't really mind that much...
Furikomi or other payment methods - That would be a BIG plus - (currently my credit cards are from my old US bank and therefore a real pain to pay the bill.)

Anyone have any glowing recommendations?

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