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Re: [tlug] usen FTTH service?

Is this the same as Usen?  If not, do you have an URL for this service?
(I'm supposed to get ADSL finally tomorrow and here I am thinking about an upgrade...)


PS - Should I be spam-proofing my address for this list?  Does it get published in a web archive with the addresses intact?  Just curious...

On Tue, 05 Mar 2002 00:15:09 +0900
Stephen Lee <> wrote:

> Havard Bell <> wrote:
> > > Anybody here using usen's FTTH service?  From reviews they seem to have
> > > good throughput, but I'd like to know how their service as a provider is. 
> > > e.g. do they block ports, whether they have a good nntp server, etc.
> > > If you know of a site they have a review, I'd like to know too (Japanese
> > > is okay also).
> > 
> > No links, but I spoke with one of their sales people a couple of weeks ago. She 
> > claimed that they do not block any ports. She even said that you are free to set 
> > up private servers. And they give you 5 static IP addresses on the basic 
> > subscription, ca 6000 yen per month.
> > 
> > Too good to be true?
> That is good news.  I hope my landlord will let me wire (fiber?) the
> apartment.
> Stephen

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