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[tlug] Bash syntax question

I want to pass a set of array values to a function in a Bash script.
Something like this:

  function ask_questions () {
    for i in "${ARRAY[@]}"; do
      echo "What is ${i}?"
  TMP=("paul cobrafesta" "sdfsda" "beano garble" "qazxi")
  ask_questions <expression of TMP>

But I haven't been able to find a way to express TMP as a positional parameter
that does not lose its array structure.  "${TMP[*]}" returns a single word,
and if it's split you get six items in the above example.  "${TMP[@]}" returns
four items, which gives you four parameters -- in this example that need not
be a problem (I could use "$@" for the assignment), but it's ugly, and if
there are other parameters to the function, things will break.

I thought of passing the string, "TMP", and then expanding it inside the
function, but I can't find a way of doing that either -- neither "set" nor
"declare" seem to offer this service, and nested expansions give me a "bad
substitution" error.

I'm stumped.  Can anyone help?  I can think of at least one awkward way to
sneak around around this problem, but I'm trying to keep the code from
becoming a tangled and illegible mass of white noise.  (The question that will
follow is, "Then why not write it in something other than bash?" But that's
another story ...)


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