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Re: [tlug] Did you now??

Godwin Stewart ( wrote:

> M$ *did* distribute a version of Unix a while back.

Xenix.  Is it a coincidence that it sounds kind of liek "xenophobe?"
Probably, but it's pretty fitting :-)

> However, I doubt they'd try and produce a Linux distro. They'd have a hell
> of a job getting it to crash as often as Windows and to be as efficient at
> spreading viruses :)

Heheh, yeah :-)  But seriously, the main obstacle would be how involved
.net is in 'doze and 'doze is in .net.  If .net were fully OS
independent and if it succeeds as much as MS hopes it will, abandoning
Windows would be relatively trivial for MS b/c most of their income would
be coming from .net related things.

Sun, of course, is not taking .net lying down and is far more
*nix friendly (obviously) than MS.  So .net may never come to what
MS hopes it will.  Let's hope not, anyway.


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