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Re: [tlug] Good J/E mail program

Thanks Jack
That helps. I actually found Mahogany today, and have been playing with that... for about 5 minutes, as that's all the time I have.  Looks like it'll do what I want, but I'm having a couple of problems with the Japanese. I do SHift+Space, and get the IME, type the words (can see them in Japaense at the bottom) when I find the right kanji I want and hit enter, it disappears (or is just invisible). Hmm... will play with it and see what I can see.


> Take a look at grepmail ( It will
> search through your mail
> archive using regular expressions. 
> > Anyone know of any other email progs that'll allow me to input in Japanese (Shift-JIS preferably)
> According to the webpage, grepmail has been "integrated" with Mutt,
> Pine, VM, Gnus.
> All of which will do what you want. Most mail clients should be able to
> input Japanese
> if set up. As for shift-jis, it's dependent on your locale not your mail
> client. 
> -jack-

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