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Re: [tlug] Did you now??

On Sat, 26 Jan 2002 01:05:34 +0900, Jonathan Q <> wrote to

> Xenix.  Is it a coincidence that it sounds kind of liek "xenophobe?"
> Probably, but it's pretty fitting :-)

That's it! I couldn't remember the name.

A quick search on turned up this interesting description of Xenix

«In the late 1970's Microsoft licensed UNIX source code from AT&T which at
the time was not licensing the name UNIX. Therefore Microsoft created the
name Xenix. Microsoft did not sell Xenix to end-users but instead licensed
the software to software OEMs such as Intel, Tandy, Altos and SCO  who then
provided a finished version of their own Xenix to the end-users or other

Right, so M$ used to sell off unfinished operating systems. Things haven't
changed much since then :)

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