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[tlug] A little more on Gentoo and Xfree 4.2

Out of curiosity (since, as some of us know, the Gentoo mailing list has
been down) did an emerge update (though not world) and once again simply
tried to build Xfree 4.2  (not taking Jack's advice of doing the extra
steps--this was more out of 
curiosity to see if it's been fixed). Turns
out it's been masked, meaning that the build stops immediately.  This 
usually indicates that they're having problems with it.  Interestingly
enough, FreeBSD has also dropped the version in ports back to 4.1 --took
a quick gander at their ports mailing list, and many people are having
problems.  (I had a minor one, of two parallel horizontal lines about 2
cm beneath the cursor, a problem which hadn't occurred in 4.1, on a
lowend Sis 530/620 chipset.  It seemed similar enough to the good old
cursor appearing as a white patch to try adding the option sw-cursor to
XFree86Config which instantly fixed the problem)

Anyway, hope this is of interest to someone

Scott Robbins

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