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Re: [tlug] Gentoo install issue...

"Doughty, Michael" wrote:
> I am looking for some info on Gentoo.  Currently their site
> is down due to the wonders of /. so if anyone knows any other
> good repositories of Gentoo specific info, I would appreciate
> it.

I've been using gentoo for over a month. I like it. They have had
this problem even before /. I guess it's becoming popular

>   Or, if you happen to be quite experienced with Gentoo,
> perhaps you can answer my question directly.  I went through
> the install process a couple nights ago, and after compiling
> X, I got to the step where it suggests you set your root
> passwd, but when I tried, I was greeted with:
>  bash: passwd: command not found

Information on what packages are installed is in:

The above problem is due to a libshadow/portage issue

Solution from

Did sys-apps/shadow get merged?

ls /var/db/pkg/sys-apps/shadow* -ld

If not, manually install it with

emerge /usr/portage/sys-apps/shadow

You might update by doing:

emerge rsync		# gets latest package list
emerge update		# will update the base system
emerge update  --world	# Update all installedpackages

*NOTE: use the --pretend option first to see what will happen. 
If it looks like it will run smothly, then retry without it
(eg emerge --pretend update)

I am also sufering from this problem now ;-(


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