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Re: [tlug] Gentoo install issue...

On 10:22 2002/01/22 +0900, Jack Morgan wrote

You might update by doing:

emerge rsync		# gets latest package list
emerge update		# will update the base system
emerge update  --world	# Update all installedpackages

Quick note on this---I'm still having trouble on update --world with 
XFree.  I then, as was suggested, tried to just update Xfree with the r2 
build (which is a new build Gentoo has) but still having that problem.  So, 
if you run into an error on the update --world, it's also a recurring 
problem.  (And let me know if you don't--might mean that they fixed it.)   :)

So, you might want to wait a few days on that step  (of update --world)
Standard updating seems to be going along without problems, however.

Scott Robbins 

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