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Re: Problems with RH 7

David Eduardo Gomez Noguera <> writes:

> I am having quite an annoying problems with RedHat 7.  When i have
> set LANG=ja_JP I can no view japanese directories with rxvt or
> kterm. The weird thing is i can read the japanese directories it i
> set LANG=en_US and LC_ALL same thing. If i call the program with
> that environment, o course i can not use kinput.

That happens when you use the stable, released version of the GNU
fileutils together with Glibc 2.2 (in your case of RedHat 7 it is
actually not yet Glibc 2.2 but a prerelease snapshot thereof, but I
think that doesn't matter here).

This problem will be fixed if you upgrade to the alpha test version
of the GNU fileutils:

The new fileutils are supposed to work with multibyte locales.

From my own experience I can say that they fix at least the problem
you described above.

Mike Fabian   <>

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