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Re: Problems with RH 7

when I installed RH7 the default language setting was

#cat /etc/sysconfig/i18n

I guess you can give that a shot.  I am having problems with the
Japanese version of Redhat.  I was using Kondara before this and it
seems to be better at handling both English and Japanese.  Guess what I
will be installing next week when I get the latest Kondara CD! By the
way, does anyone know if the lastest version of Kondara is included in
any magazines at the moment?



David Eduardo Gomez Noguera wrote:
> Hello all.
> I am having quite an annoying problems with RedHat 7.
> When i have set LANG=ja_JP I can no view japanese directories with rxvt or kterm. The weird thing is i can read the japanese directories it i set LANG=en_US and LC_ALL same thing. If i call the program with that environment, o course i can not use kinput.
> Also Netscape's behavior is weird. When i try to save a file it sends me to root  and i can not chanche directories.
> Any suggestion other than going back? What can i do?
> Thank you.
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