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Re: *BSD (another question, again)

YAMAGATA Hiroo ( wrote:

YAMAGATA> Also if you want to talk about the Japanese situation, Japan probably has a 
YAMAGATA> larger
YAMAGATA> proportion of FreeBSD users because Linux didn't run on NEC's PC98
YAMAGATA> platform until PlamoLinux came along (and that's rather a minor distro...)

Just a trivia note, but the first Linux for PC98 I saw was a beta (alpha?) 
version on a CD sent to someone at TLUG from someone at the Kyoto University
Microcomputer club.  I don't know if it actually worked or not, not
having a PC98 to try it on.  This was in 1998, probably summer.  Maybe some
of those same people went on to work with Plamo Linux?


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