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Re: any future broadband rumors?

Richard ( wrote:

Richard> About a year ago I heard that Microsoft was getting together with Softbank 
Richard> and Tokyo Denryoko to form a company called SpeedNet that would offer 
Richard> broadband access nationwide. Here's an article from last year:
Richard> Anyone know whatever happened to that?

If Microsoft were the only broadband provider in Japan, I'd stay with ISDN, 
thank you.

GOL will be offering ADSL starting Dec. 1 (and also Flets ISDN).  Look
here for info:

Richard> Since I live in the middle of nowhere

Exactly where?  If you're in the middle of nowhere, you are probably SOL for
the time being.  For anyone to offer DSL, it's totally dependent on
NTT's construction schedule for putting DSL equipment in their COs.
Unless of course you want to build your own telephone network.

If you're really away from things, your best shot might be 128K 
ISDN dialup.  That's what I'm using right now, and while it's a 
far cry from the switched 100baseT I have at work, it doesn't
stink as dialup goes.


Disclosure: I work for Exodus/GOL

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