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Re: any future broadband rumors?

At 11:56 PM +0900 on 11/17/00, you wrote:

>If Microsoft were the only broadband provider in Japan, I'd stay with ISDN,
>thank you.

Looks like you'll have to. SpeedNet works only with Windows now, and Mac 
sometime in the future. ZDNet Japan has article about their testbed in 

I also found another press release about the US/French/Japanese joint 
venture currently doing a feasibility study into providing nationwide DSL 

If Garnet Communications has a Web site, I can't find it. And I find it 
hard to believe the conclusion of their feasibility study would be to not 
offer DSL in Japan. I guess it hinges a lot on how much NTT will charge to 
provide access to their network.

What about satellite Internet access? Any rumors in that field?

>GOL will be offering ADSL starting Dec. 1 (and also Flets ISDN).  Look
>here for info:

It looks like Flets could infiltrate my area within a year or so, but it a 
paltry 64k. ASDL seems like it's still concentrated in Tokyo. It's been a 
long time since I've bitched about Japan, but I feel the urge coming on.

>Richard> Since I live in the middle of nowhere
>Exactly where?

Nogi-machi, Tochigi. 0280 area code. Few businesses, lotsa rice.

>If you're really away from things, your best shot might be 128K
>ISDN dialup.

That was my plan--change the dedicated OCN line to dialup ISDN. The thing 
is I'm really keen on being able to run a server from home since I won't be 
able to play with the computers at the corporation I'm going to start 
working for next month.


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