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any future broadband rumors?

About a year ago I heard that Microsoft was getting together with Softbank 
and Tokyo Denryoko to form a company called SpeedNet that would offer 
broadband access nationwide. Here's an article from last year:

Anyone know whatever happened to that? Are there any more recent rumors of 
other companies getting ready to offer a similar nationwide service?

Since I live in the middle of nowhere, my only choice is NTT's OCN Economy 
for an outrageous 34,000 yen a month. That's what I've been using, but my 
soon-to-be-former employer footed the bill. I can't justify spending over 
400,000 yen a year to run my own server, so I have to get rid of it. The 
thought of having to go back to dial-up after having a taste of the good 
life is...well...yucky.


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