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Re: any future broadband rumors?

>Anyone know whatever happened to that? Are there any more recent rumors of 
>other companies getting ready to offer a similar nationwide service?

I just found an answer to my own question: 

>Garnet Connections Planning is a 14-company consortium that will collect 
>and study data on the
> business factors that drive large-scale DSL service, including line 
>sharing costs, construction and
> wiring costs at NTT local telephone exchange stations (co-stations), 
>practical lead time and speed of
> copper loop connections, and interference problems with ISDN signals. The 
>main shareholder is
> Rhythms NetConnections, a U.S. service provider that is well-known for 
>its scalable DSL network
> operating technology. Rhythms NetConnections serves extensive areas in 
>the United States and
> Canada through connections with incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs) 
>and CLECs.
> Garnet Connections Planning will provide free experimental services for 
>one year to determine
> whether the project is commercially feasible. If judged to be so, the 
>joint venture will begin
> nationwide service from June 2001.

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