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Re: FreeBSD vs. Linux

On Sun, Nov 12, 2000 at 08:57:07PM +0900, shawn wrote:
> One of the most frustrating things I had dealt with using RH was broken
> dependencies. To install package A, you need B and C. Look for B, find you
> need D and E to install that. Look for D and you need F and G, etc. etc.
> With FreeBSD, you just cd into the directory of the port you want to
> install, type 'make' and it takes care of everything for you, including
> grabbing other necessary packages by FTP and automatically installing them. 

And with Debian, you just say "apt-get install A". RedHat is not Linux, thank

perl -le 'print (@) - $; +$ (- % _); * *+* *'

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