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Re: FreeBSD vs. Linux

I recently trashed my RedHat box ( :-) ) and decided to try FreeBSD on the

After making my boot/rescue floppies from images downloaded from, I booted up and did the whole install onto a formatted HD via
FTP. It went very smoothly, and installed without problems on the first try.
Comparing that with my first RedHat experience, which took me 5 or 6
installs to get right, I was very happy. Granted, using RedHat for 2 years
probably gave me a better foundation than I originally had for the RH

Also, as Yamagata-san mentioned, I am VERY happy with the ports system,
especially as compared to the RedHat rpm system. One of the most frustrating
things I had dealt with using RH was broken dependencies. To install package
A, you need B and C. Look for B, find you need D and E to install that. Look
for D and you need F and G, etc. etc. With FreeBSD, you just cd into the
directory of the port you want to install, type 'make' and it takes care of
everything for you, including grabbing other necessary packages by FTP and
automatically installing them. Bonus! :-)

One other difference I have noticed is that FreeBSD uses a different system
for NAT and Firewalling (as default) than RH did. I was using IPMasquerading
w/ RH, but went with natd and ipfw with my FBSD install and am happy with
the way that is working. I had been thinking of going with Debian as a RH
replacement, but am happy with FBSD so far. I'll save Debian for another

Just my 2 yen,


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From: "YAMAGATA Hiroo" <>
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Sent: Sunday, November 12, 2000 6:39 PM
Subject: Re: FreeBSD vs. Linux

> At 18:25 00/11/12 +0900, you wrote:
> >How different is FreeBSD from Linux. I'm currently running Debian potato
> >wanted to try FreeBSD. Any potential pitfalls? Concerns? Advice?
> Well for what it's worth, I'm tinkering with OpenBSD these days, but
> I don't see too much of a difference as long as you're being a simple
> Some of the commands are different (like instead of mount -t iso9660
> you do mount_9660 or something), and i18n is non-existent in OpenBSD
> (FreeBSD scores pretty highly in this respect), but not too different.
> ssh comes almost default, and security concerns seem better than some
> of the Linux distros (but I know a lot of people have a lot to say
> And I kinda like their ports system that handles tar xzvf, configure,
> make install with a single command.
> So, I'd say, try it out.  Wait, is this off-topic (read heresy)?
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