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Re: FreeBSD vs. Linux

At 18:25 00/11/12 +0900, you wrote:
>How different is FreeBSD from Linux. I'm currently running Debian potato and
>wanted to try FreeBSD. Any potential pitfalls? Concerns? Advice?

Well for what it's worth, I'm tinkering with OpenBSD these days, but
I don't see too much of a difference as long as you're being a simple user.
Some of the commands are different (like instead of mount -t iso9660
you do mount_9660 or something), and i18n is non-existent in OpenBSD
(FreeBSD scores pretty highly in this respect), but not too different.
ssh comes almost default, and security concerns seem better than some
of the Linux distros (but I know a lot of people have a lot to say here...)

And I kinda like their ports system that handles tar xzvf, configure, make,
make install with a single command.

So, I'd say, try it out.  Wait, is this off-topic (read heresy)?


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