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Re: [Lingo] マニュアルチック

David J Iannucci wrote:
In this case, we have マニュアルチック*に*, and one might question why
the need for チック if we have に, and again I can't offer an authoritative
theory, but it may be simply to augment to adverbial-ness of the
expression. In other words, I read this example (sorry, I aggressively
trimmed it out as a knee-jerk reaction to the recent list-iquette uproar
on main list :-) as

  "You can manually shift it up-down"

I would love to get some native-speaker input on this question. Maybe
I'll just ask my wife when I get home :-) :-)

Yeah, that makes sense: "you can shift up and down with the feel of a stick shift."

Forget what I whote before.

Stephen A. Carter
Nagoya, Japan

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