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Re: [Lingo] マニュアルチック

Nguyễn Vũ Hưng wrote:
What is the meaning of "マニュアルチック",
is that borrowed from "manual chick"? what is the meaning of this phase?

Given the automotive context, I wonder if it's not the "-tic" from "automatic," and if the word isn't a coinage describing some kind of pseudo-manual mode of an automatic transmission.

Example: (シフトレバーをDレンジから横に移動させるとスポーツモードランプが点灯しマニュアルチックにシフトアップダウンができる)←この解釈がマチガイ!

'Moving the shift lever sideways from "Drive" makes the Sports Mode lamp light up, and you can shift up or down into "manual-matic."'

That's my theory, anyway. Can you post more context?

Stephen A. Carter
Nagoya, Japan

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