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Re: [Lingo] Bulgarian and Russian and Romanian (oh my?)

Jim Breen writes:

 > [I've forgotten. Who WAS the guy in TLUG years ago who was quite
 > convinced that people who wrote "centre", "neighbour", etc. only
 > did so because they were being defiantly anti-American? Worked for one of
 > the early Linux distros, and fled from Japan at the earliest
 > opportunity.]

The only person I can think of who fits the latter part of the
description is Scott Something (I can't remember his last name, but it
wasn't Robbins and he wasn't the infamous person who got his IP
blocked from all TLUG hosts) who was from Utah and worked for
TurboLinux.  Steve Baur worked for TurboLinux and Adrian Havill for
Red Hat, and later left Japan, but neither could be described as
"fleeing" Japan IMO.

I sort of recall the comments you refer to, but I wouldn't associate
them with any of the above.

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