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Re: [Lingo] いつからか

On 3/24/10 3:57 AM, s smith wrote:
> But I'm also a bit confused by something else. The first particle they
> discuss is ば and one of the first examples is 出かければ. I always
> thought of a particle as a separate part of speech but this is a verb
> conjugation, right? (eg: 今出かけれ*ば*間に会いますよ。If you leave now
> you'll make it in time.)
> This language is going to break my already severely warped brain... This
> morning I was looking at 他・ほか・た and a couple of days ago I hit 辛
> い・からい・つらい・づらい.

Often, I find dictionary/textbook explanations to be more confusing than

If you haven't already, you might want to check out the JGram (The
"Japanese Grammar Database") website:

It's not perfect, but the sentences often add a larger variety of
sentence contexts which can help you understand how to think of the
grammar in your own native language, rather than brute force a direct
translation that can apply to every situation.


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