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Re: [Lingo] [tlug] Better to have "bottom-posted"?

steve smith writes:

 > > Also, FWIW, I feel that this discussion does not belong on the
 > > "lingo" list, which is supposed to deal with natural languages
 > > spoken by human beings, not with posting netiquette.

 > Are you sure the people on tlug who were following this list are all on 
 > lingo as well.

I'm pretty sure they're not, and that's why I switched.

I wanted to avoid policy discussion of netiquette, and focus on the
curious fact that the less important aspect (inserting new content at
the top of a reply) gave the *combined* practice its common name.

 > Also, lingo is "natural language discussion" so IMO this thread
 > also does not belong here.

Policy discussion belongs on tlug-admin.  Discussion of why failure to
trim is commonly called "top posting" belongs on lingo.

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