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Re: [Lingo] Stroke order for 糸-radical

On Oct 2, 2009, at 6:17 PM, steve smith wrote:

Niels Kobschätzki wrote:

I have here a slight problem: I am using an iPhone-app for doing
kanji-repetitions and today I noticed a mistake in stroke orders. The
stroke orders of the left radical of 組 and 細 are wrong. In the
program it is not written like 糸 but in the lower part the order of
the middle and left stroke are reversed. I mean that I would write it:
middle, left, right but it is written left, middle, right.

I used the animated kanji on the The Yamasa Institute kanji dictionary
for learning my kanji.  They also do left, middle, right.
I like their page because it's the only site I've found that has
examples of what hand-written kanji look like.  From the hand-written
kanji you can also see stroke order is from left to right.

I'm not sure if this helps or not.

Hm…now the problem gets bigger. I have here two independent text books that do it middle, left, right. Now it's 2:2 :(



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