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[Lingo] Stroke order for 糸-radical


I have here a slight problem: I am using an iPhone-app for doing kanji- repetitions and today I noticed a mistake in stroke orders. The stroke orders of the left radical of 組 and 細 are wrong. In the program it is not written like 糸 but in the lower part the order of the middle and left stroke are reversed. I mean that I would write it: middle, left, right but it is written left, middle, right. The author of the program uses the kodanshas learners dictionary (or whatever it is called) and I have the German version of it. In this book the stroke order is exactly the same as in the program and flipping through the book, I think that they made this mistake all the time (except for the kanji 糸 itself). Can someone tell me what the correct stroke order is and even better a ressource (best on the web) with which I can back my "theory" up?

Thanks in advanced.


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