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Re: [Lingo] Differences between 取り消し, 取消 and 取消し


2009/6/21 Jim Breen <>
> G'day
> 2009/6/21 Nguyen Vu Hung <>:
> > What are the differences between 取り消し 取消 and 取消し?
> It's the same word written with three different levels of
> okurigana.
Thanks for your answer.

>From what I've researched[1], 取消 is widely used before 1945,
and 取り消し is the de facto standard nowadays.

I've also googled the three words[2] but the result didn't help much:
Each search returns roughly 10 million hit. It is not the habit of
the how Japanese use the okurigana in this case but issue is that,
google sees that as the same word, no?


Best Regards,
Nguyen Hung Vu [aka: NVH] ( in Vietnamese: Nguyễn Vũ Hưng )
vuhung16plus{remove} , YIM: vuhung16 , Skype: vuhung16dg
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