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Re: [Lingo] Differences between 取り消し, 取消 and 取消し


2009/6/21 Nguyen Vu Hung <>:

> What are the differences between 取り消し 取消 and 取消し?

It's the same word written with three different levels of

Different dictionaries handle it different ways:

JMdict/EDICT has all three versions in one entry:
取り消し(P); 取消し(P); 取消 【とりけし】 (n) cancellation; cancel; CAN
Kojien has: 取消し
Daijirin: 取(り)消し
Sanseido EXCEED has: 取消
Kodansha GJD has: 取(り)消し・取消



Jim Breen
Adjunct Snr Research Fellow, Clayton School of IT, Monash University
Treasurer: Hawthorn Rowing Club, VCA Secondary School, Japanese Studies Centre
Graduate student: Language Technology Group, University of Melbourne

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