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Re: [Lingo] らっしゃる

Jim Breen wrote:
> 2009/4/25 steve smith <>:
>> WWWJdict says:
>> らっしゃる   (v5aru,vi,abbr,hon) to be; to come; to go
> Actually it says: らっしゃる  (v5aru,vi) (abbr) (hon) to be; to come; to go
>>From tomorrow it will have "(See いらっしゃる)" as well to make the "(abbr)"
> clearer.
> It's there because people were looking up らっしゃる and wondering what
> it is.

Thanks Jim.  Actually I stumbled on らっしゃる because I use Rikaichan
and it highlighted the word.  The definition is from Rikaichan.  I
assumed they were the same.  I'm sorry about the confusion.

Steve S.

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